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Seeds of Intention Cards
SVATI Organics Balance Soothing Facial Serum
Taupe Coat Nail Polish
Better Half Paint it pink! Inspired by rose petals, this pink polish is a blooming trend this season.
Beautifood Avocado Hair Oil
Apply 2-5 drops onto palms of hands. Massage hands together to spread oil evenly. Gently smooth oil through hair, applying from mid-length to ends. Apply to...
Cleanlogic Exfoliating Body Scrubber Cleanlogic Exfoliating Body Scrubber
Gently remove dull, dry, damaged skin, to create the ultimate clean feeling with Cleanlogic’s Exfoliating Body Scrubber.   Stretch Fiber Technology™, a unique blend of...
Mikel Kristi Purifying Botanical Wash
Purifying Botanical Wash 120ml Does your skin often look dehydrated and drained? Or do you often wake up to an oil slick and a few...
Lilly Sado Coconut Milk + Manuka Honey Moisture Cream
Get ready for deep, penetrating moisturization! This air-whipped moisture cream is carefully curated with botanical ingredients that have been hallmarks of Asian skincare for centuries....
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